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.:Adolescent Skin:.

Fluctuating hormones, athletic commitments, and a diet of pizza and soda typically experienced in adolescence can have a negative impact on skin appearance. Treat your teen while you teach your teen how to remain in control of their skin texture tone and clarity

T-zone packages packages include education, treatment, and home care regimens. No products used contain steroids. The T-zone packages make great holiday/birthday gifts or treats for back to school.

The T-zone Tell all
This T zone package is perfect for a tween or someone who has not yet begun to/or is just beginning to see signs of/or experience the dermal drama associated with adolescence. This package addresses skin type, educates, and lays the foundation for healthy skincare habits. Consider this preventative maintenance or skin insurance!
includes:  a skin analysis, 1 signature custom facial, skin type/skin care education, 3-maintenance facials scheduled 3 weeks apart to monitor response and custom designed to specifically address individual skin type, and a 3 month supply of home care products.

The Total T-zone Transformation
This package was made for the teen with a dermal dilemma or the teen who is struggling to regain control of skin that has taken control of them. This package evaluates skin type, educates your teen on what they are experiencing and some possible reasons why, and begins a series of condition corrective treatments which may require more advanced therapies such as mild peels, and more aggressive hydration/exfoliation strategies.

includes: skin type analysis/evaluation, 1 premium facial, 6-corrective facials  scheduled 10 days apart and 3 maintenance signature custom facials, 3 month supply of home care products and mini products for travel/gym.

Your teen is officially a member of the T-zone at Beyond Bare once he/she has completed a series/package. This program sets a fixed 32.00 price per treatment for all clinical visits no matter what is required. Monthly follow up treatments are recommended to maintain results seen after package completion. Teen facials are clinical and last 15- 30 minutes and address specific concerns. These facials are 18.00 each until the age of 21. This program is an incentive to reward and encourage healthy skin for life.