2017 Conti St
New Orleans, LA 70112

the well maintained male

presidential pampering
deep cleanse, signature custom enzyme facial with steam, microdermabrasion, extractions, mask, relaxing face neck, chest, back and shoulder massage, hand detail,  brow and facial hair grooming.
120 minutes

the polished professional
polished and presentable
deep cleanse, signature custom enzyme application followed by extractions, and the appropriate finishing products for your skin type. neck chest and shoulder massage, hand detail and brow grooming.

90 minutes

gentlemen's due diligence
satisfy your requirements
deep cleanse, signature custom enzyme facial, extractions, facial massage, mask, hand treatment, brow grooming.
60 minutes

the works
signature custom skincare treatments for your area of concern includes enzyme treatment extractions and microdermabrasion therapy

chest 98.00
back 118.00
chest and back 168.00

Add Facial hair tinting 38.00
Upgrade to brow wax 8.00
Add male bikini wax 48.00

please direct your attention to the be bare a la carte’ wax menu for a complete listing of male waxing services offered