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Extensions can be a fun accessory to your image! They offer a fun way to change up your look with no commitment. They can also protect your natural hair in some cases or preserve the integrity of your hair when you choose to add extensions to alter your look over the chemical alternative.

Beyond Bare offers a vast variety of options in hair extensions so that you can choose a method to fit your image and your lifestyle as well as color and texture treatments for maximum customization! We work with each client individually to devise a strategy to obtain the best outcome. For this reason a hair extension consultation is REQUIRED before an appointment for services can be made. A consultation should be scheduled at least 7 days before your desired appointment date so that you may go over your options, and place a custom order if necessary. Hair extension consultations are $50.00 (which is later applied to your service total) and last 30 mins.

 Multiple factors will be taken into account including but not limited to hair color, texture, length and density. We will go over whatever installation methods interests you most and together we will decide on one method or even multiple methods so that you will enjoy an optimal hair extension experience with a seamless natural look and the convenience and versatility you desire.

All hair for each service is provided by Beyond Bare and will be included in your final service price. Beyond Bare does not retail hair. We supply hair at the cost required for us to receive it in order to keep your cost for the initial investment low and ensure that the hair you receive is of the best quality and the best fit for your natural hair. In most cases the hair supplied can be re-used for future appointments based on how well you care for your hair. Home maintenance instructions will be provided. Because the hair is yours to keep and can be re-used if well maintained the initial investment may be larger than the investment required for future appointments and appointments that may be necessary to maintain your new look! We educate you on the experience as much as possible, and share professional opinions to help you make the best decisions, and provide a superior professional service.

Each installation will include prep service, installation, and a cut and style. Being serviced privately is an A-list experience on your time every time. You will be serviced privately with no interruptions to ensure that the process is as time efficient as possible. Please do not invite friends and children to your appointment as this may affect service time. Service time is based on the method of application selected and the style that you wish you achieve. All appointments for hair extensions require a deposit of 100% of the hair cost and 50% of the service cost before the service is rendered.

Beyond Bare does provide cranial prosthesis for clients experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy, and clients who have alopecia.